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#BersihkanIndonesia Reactive Media Release on JETP to Accelerate Energy Transition


On Tuesday (15/11) afternoon, in the series of G20 events, there was an important announcement of the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) climate funding initiative with a commitment of funding support of around USD 20 billion co-led by the US-Japan. JETP will be one of the crucial policies in accelerating the early shutdown of coal-fired power plants to achieve ambitious and just climate targets.

The next six months will be crucial to preparing the investment plan and detailed targets for PLTU to retire through the JETP scheme.

The civil society group members of the #BersihkanIndonesia Movement, prepare a response on this climate funding scheme. The aim is to ensure that the policy formulation process is genuinely transparent and participatory by involving affected groups, the public and the media and is not directed at using false solutions.

Attached is a press release responding to the launch of JETP in Indonesian and English. Thank you

#BersihkanIndonesia Reactive Media Release on JETP

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